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Fire Forces Lubbock Family Out of Burning House

The husband and six month baby boy managed to get out alive, but fire fighters carried out an unconscious dog who was fighting for every breath.

"Is my husband here?" said Jennifer Wilkinson as she frantically looked for her husband Jonathan and 6-month-old son Zachary. It turns out they were OK. But right in front of her eyes, she watched as firefighters tried to revive her dog, Sadie.

"Our cat didn't make it but our dog was in the back," said Jennifer.

Firefighters put Sadie's lifeless body on the lawn and harnessed an oxygen mask to her snout. The only thing moving was her rib cage as she gasped for each breath.

The rest of the firefighters were busy ventilating the smokey house and making sure the fire was out. About 30 minutes later there was life back into Sadie's body. She woke up and Jennifer ran to comfort her.

"I'm shocked. I didn't expect anything to happen. We have no clothes. Nothing. Everything is in that house. My work has provided me with a place to stay right now," said Jennifer.

Jennifer says Sadie is with her brother and doing great. The Fire Marshal's office says the cause of the fire is from a discarded cigarette on the porch.

A fund has been set up for the Wilkinson family. You can make a donation at any Lubbock National Bank location.

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