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HealthWise at 5 From 12.16

  • Communicating Touch

Telemedicine can bring care across the miles, but doctors at a distance can't use their sense of touch to check a patient. Now, some breakthrough research at the State University of New York at Buffalo is eliminating that wall by finding a way to convey touch via computer. The technology, called Sympathetic Haptics, is still in its early stages, even still, the engineers have found a way to transmit a pulse from one computer to another, allowing the person on the receiving end to actually feel the beat.

  • Hibernation on Demand

Hibernating through the winter is a process some animals do every year. This long long nap is now being studied as a way to help patients weather ill health. Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have found a way to induce a so called hibernation on demand is small mammals. The scientists say the potential to put humans in a dormant like state could help transplant patients live longer before an organ is available, or help heart attack or stroke patients preserve brain and heart tissue.

  • Germy Remote

Watching TV can help pass time n the hospital, but a new study finds handling the channel clicker can expose you to a warm of germs, including antibiotic resistant MRSA Microbe experts from the University of Arizona sampled 15 hospital rooms, looking for sources of bacteria. The television remote control was by far the germiest thing in the room,. Harboring three times more bacteria than the room in general. Adding the the "ewww" factor, in many case the toliet flushing lever was actually cleaner that the patents remote control.

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