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31 People Sent to Hospital Following Collision Between a Bus and a Cement Truck

Two people remain in the hospitalize Friday night following a collision between a school bus and a cement truck in Levelland. It happened just before three o'clock at the intersection of Highway 114 and Alamo. The Levelland junior varsity girls and ninth grade boys' basketball teams were on the bus headed to a game in Hereford when it collided with the cement truck.

Autoplex employee Brad Fowler didn't realize it Friday morning, but he would play a small role in helping victims of an accident that happened across the street from his work.

"Fridays are generally our take it easy day and it definitely was a shocker," replied Fowler.

Fowler was working across the street at the Autoplex when he heard the crash.

"I walked outside and just saw a horrendous accident. I ran to the bus and kids were piling off the bus. Pretty amazing sight," said Fowler.

He helped the bus driver get out, he had the most serious injuries from hitting the windshield.

"He was walking and seemed okay and he was talking to us. He gave me some phone numbers to call to let his wife know he was in an accident."

Levelland ISD Superintendent Dr. John Booth said, "I nearly got sick to my stomach. When you look at that and when your walking across, you're going nobody can walk away from this."

Booth was amazed no one else was seriously injured, but just to be safe he had all 31 people on board go to the hospital.

Since so many people needed EMS attention quickly, they took everyone on the bus and set up a mini-triage unit inside the Autoplex showroom where Fowler works across the street.

Fowler said, "the showroom was full of kids. EMS was doing all they could. The showroom was just full, there were kids on the floor."

The bus driver swerved to avoid a direct collision, which was perhaps a life saving move.

"Something went on at this time of year for everybody to walk away, for there to be no deaths, said Fowler, "amazing."

The driver of the cement truck suffered minor injuries. The driver of the bus was in Lubbock Friday night being treated for several lacerations to his face. Another student is being kept in the hospital overnight for observation in Levelland.

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