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Counterfeit Foods

There is a growing number of "counterfeit" foods out there. In other words, they're packaged as "healthy" and promoted as "good for you" but they're not. So, if you're planning a New Year's resolution to eat healthier next year. You should know that what seems like a better choice...may actually be worse.

"Unfortunately sometimes some of the foods we think are healthy may not be quite so healthy when we really start taking a look at the labeling," says Laurie Meyer a registered dietitian.

"Look for ingredients that end in ose. It means maltose, sucrose, fructose, ose means sugar," says Kae Hentges today on Healthwise at 5.

Kae says that's how juice can be sneaky when it comes to good foods, because even when it says 100 percent juice, you may still be getting a lot of sugar and calories. Real fruit, she says, is much better, and be leery of advertising that promises whole grains, natural energy, a good source of fiber, and as much calcium as milk. Just one granola bar or breakfast bar may have more fat than a pop-tart and much less nutrition than a bowl of cereal. Remember the first ingredient is the heaviest. The first ingredient in this 12 grain bread is white flour. So, that's how you know there's not much fiber there after all. In fact, two chocolate chip cookies have the same amount of fiber and calories as one slice of this bread. Beware of the phrase... fat free. Two reduced fat Snackwell cookies may have more calories than two Oreo cookies! So, if you just have to have a cookie, you might as well have the real thing!

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