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Holiday Health

If you're traveling over the holidays, be aware that crowded airports and planes are perfect places for germs to spread, but it is probably not what you think.

"Obviously if someone is sitting next to you at the airport or on an airplane coughing into your airspace, yes you can breathe it in but the odds are you've gotten it because you've touched something and have had contact with your nose or your mouth," says Barbara Russell R.N. Infection Control.

Barbara says the trick to staying healthy is wash your hands often. Soap and water work the best, but when that's not handy, carry a hand sanitizer. She says if you're traveling in cold weather, and you get a cold. It is not because of the cold weather. You just touched someone with a cold or some thing that a sick person just touched especially when you stay inside cause germs are easy to spread. One more warning, the risk of food borne illnesses goes up during the holidays especially with party dips that have been out of the refrigerator for hours.

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