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The Quick Nutcracker: Does It Work?

We have for you the Nutcracker! No, it's not the puppet. We are not talking about the ballet either. This is the Quick Nutcracker. This ten dollar product will perfectly crack nuts every time. That is what the makers claim at least.

To do this test, I bought a big bag of all types of nuts to see if the Quick Nutcracker can get the job done.

First we have a walnut. I cracked it and I had to take it out piece-by-piece. I'll gave it one more try to get that perfectly cracked nut.

I tried a pecan only to have trouble with it. "Get in there!" Finally, I forced it to the bottom of the nutcracker and cracked it. It came out in pieces.

I didn't have any better luck with the brazil nut. It cracked into pieces as well.

Things were looking better with the almond and hazelnuts. They came out in one big piece.

The nutcracker can help you do the job. But remember, your paying ten bucks for it to give you perfectly cracked nuts every time. So, in theory, it wasn't what it was all cracked up to be. It doesn't work.


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