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Food for Thought Report 12.22

Out of 33 routine health inspections, the Lubbock Health Department found a Christmas treat for one and a stocking full of coal for another.

Billiards Plus is the proud owner of one Food for Thought top performing plaque, and they're ready to hang another.

"Competition is stiff in every business. For us here we're no different, no better than any other poolroom. We're just trying to be the cleanest," Billiards Assistant Manager Chris McClure said.

Just like food establishments, bars are also checked for health violations.

"Environmental inspections here for Lubbock, Texas is though. They don't call and say hey we're gonna come in and inspect you. They show up and they are very thorough," McClure says.

Come mid-January Billiards will serve hamburgers and appetizer type foods and they will continue to strive to always stay clean.

Food for Thought 12.22
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 12/23/05.

Now to the only low performer on our list.

Inspectors found five critical violations at Seven-Eleven at 802 Avenue Q. Inspectors found sausage at 126 degrees. Remember hot food must be 140 degrees or hotter to be safe to eat. Inspectors say this violation was corrected on site. Inspectors also found a hand sink used to store a wet rag. That's a hygiene concern. It was corrected on site. A hand sink by the rest room did not have any soap. Inspectors gave management until December 25th to correct this violation. Next inspectors say a three compartment sink was used to store various dry items, making the sink out service. This also must be corrected by December 25th. Finally a thermometer was found to be not accurate. If a thermometer isn't accurate there is no proof the food it's measuring is safe to eat. This violation must be corrected by December 25th.

NewsChannel 11 contacted Seven-Eleven, they had no comment.

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