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Holiday Deaths

Nobody wants to think about a loved one having a heart attack during the holidays, but the truth is the Christmas season is the deadliest time of year for fatal heart attacks.

"Starting at about Thanksgiving there's an acceleration of death due to coronary heart disease. "It continues to increase to around the first of the year and then falls off," says Robert Kloner M.D. an UCLA Heart Specialist

Dr. Kloner says all the nasty ingredients are there stressful shopping, hassles traveling and in general over-celebrating. Dr. Kloner is one of the researchers in a ground breaking study in the 90's that found a 33 percent greater chance of a fatal heart attack during the holidays than any other time of the year. Now, a similar study at UC, San Diego, has found that in the last 26 years, 42 thousand deaths could have been avoided, if not for the "holiday effect". Now, here's the important part. Why are all these people dying during the happiest season of the year? The researchers agree; they put off visits to the doctor and ignore the warning signs like chest pain, because they want it to be a happy season and think stuff like that can wait. So, tonight Dr. Kloner's prescription for a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the season..but listen to your body, and talk to your doctor if you have chest pain or you just feel like something's wrong. The best gift you can give to the people you love.; is do not wait until after the holidays to seek help.

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