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Lubbock Shoppers Reach the 1.5 Million Mark

Last minute shoppers are out in full force Friday at the South Plains Mall. Mall management says that because there is an extra Saturday in this year's holiday shopping calendar and that more people are waiting until the very last day to complete their shopping.

"There's always some last minute shopping, always." Ginny Franks is one of the one-point-five million shoppers to pass through the South Plains Mall this holiday season. "The last gift we bought was mine. I had to pick it up... but I got what I wanted!"

Mall management says people have come from over a hundred mile radius to shop in Lubbock, and because there's an extra Saturday on the holiday calendar, the majority of people are still holding out for the last second.

"I'm doing last minute shopping for the wife... I'm getting her shoes." "I got some gifts but it's crunch time. Today I gotta do a lot, my wife, mother-in-law, my daughter." Charles and Allen actually have a lot in common. They're both last minute shoppers, they're both looking for gifts for their wives, and they're both men.

Charles says, "Yes. We wait until the last minute. We have in mind what we're gonna get, we just wait."

And last minute shoppers might be one of the reasons gift card sales are up this year, beating the 700-thousand dollar mark from last Christmas. But gifts aside, these shoppers say there's a reason behind the season. "Don't get wrapped up in the getting, give, and be with each other."

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