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Post-Christmas Sales Woo Shoppers

Just when you thought the holiday shopping season was over, day-after-Christmas sales wooed thousands of Lubbockites to the stores. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains what shoppers need to know about post-holiday shopping.

With most of Lubbock off work and school, the mall is swarmed with post-Christmas buyers either returning a gift, taking advantage of the sales, or using their gift cards. South Plains Mall management told NewsChannel 11 last week gift card sales would reach over $700,000, which means a lot of money for a lot of people to spend.

"I haven't decided what to get, there's just too much to get." Katy King is just one of thousands joining in the gift card craze this year. "They're a great way to give a gift because you get whatever you want and are happy with it." National economists expect 20% of shoppers will spend their cards this week. And if they do, retailers are making it worth their while.

"Normally these ornaments were $25 to $15, we saved 80 to 160 dollars." Carolyn and Cheryl say shopping after Christmas is actually the best time to buy for next Christmas. "Sales on ornaments and sweaters. Most for 50-70% off."

"I got a jacket regularly $100, got it for $40." It's Kimberly's first time shopping the day-after-Christmas sale. She actually had a different purpose at the mall. "I was returning a wind suit and shirt too small."

But whether you're making a return, using a gift card, or taking advantage of the sales, it is estimated that the week after Christmas will account for 14% of all holiday sales.

Stores are asking customers to use their gift cards as soon as possible because their actual sales don't count until the cards are spent. Also, if you wait too long, some cards charge a fee or expire. Make sure you read all of the fine print on your cards, as other fees may also apply.

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