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Post-Holiday Travelers Head Home

Many sounds, sights and over four thousand faces filled the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport the day after Christmas. Behind each one of those faces is a story on why they came to Lubbock for Christmas.

Linda Lawson arrived Monday from Baltimore to visit her daughter. "She's due in July," said Lawson.

Her daughter recently became pregnant. It's also the family's first Christmas being so far apart, Lawson's daughter and her husband moved from Baltimore to Lubbock six months ago.

Lawson says traveling the day after Christmas on one of the year's busier travel days is hectic, and the process of getting here was just as bad.

"We have a lot of animals, so you have to find places for the animals. My husband's mother is 87 so we had to have somebody keep an eye on her. It was a big deal to get here," laughed Lawson.

Harold Shelenberger is visiting his daughter and grandchildren from Florida and he's leaving with more than Christmas gifts, he says the weather changes gave him a soar throat.

"It's the cool air and breeze and with the stuff like that. Oh, I'm so soar," he said as he grabbed his throat.

Twenty-eight flights went in and out of the airport, almost all were completely booked making for long lines and crowded areas, however these travelers say it's worth the hassle.

Lawson said her plans for the next couple days are to "just relax and enjoy family." After all, that's what the holidays are all about. "Yep," she agreed with a smile.

According to AAA, more people are traveling for Christmas and New Year's. 63.5 million of them potentially, a record. 51.5 million people, 80 percent of travelers, will hit the roads by car, nearly 9 million will fly, and more than 3 million will catch a train or bus.

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