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Pest OFFense: Does it Work?

If you have any of these pests hanging or lying around your home or office, there is a new and easy way to get rid of those pests for good. Pest Offense is supposed to get rid of unwanted house visitors like spiders, ants, roaches, mice, and silverfish.

Pest Offense works by using a powerful force-field plug in. All you do it plug into an outlet and it works instantly by sending out pulses. Those pulses irritates the nervous systems of rodents and insects and drives them out of the walls of your home.

Royce Price had a little bit of a spider problem. "As I was laying in my bed one night, I felt something walking across my leg. I went to wipe it off, and saw that is was a spider", he says. Royce took us on a tour of his home, showing us webs in the corners and windows of the main problem areas. I thought it would be fitting to use him for "Project Insect."

"I actually saw it on a paid program", said Royce. I asked the question, "What did you think about it?" "I thought it was cool. If it worked. It's less expensive than pest control", Royce said. Royce used the Pest Offense for about a month and a half.

Later, we checked in on Royce to see how the pest offense was working and concluded our test that day. "He was up here in this corner (referring to a now gone spider) and a after a two weeks I didn't touch him, he's gone now." Royce continued his tour, "Last time there was a spider on this corner, and he's gone."

So How do we know it really worked? We took the Pest Offense to a Lubbock pet store to see how the mice reacted when we plugged it in. It was a little hard to notice but there was a slight difference in the way the mice were reacting before we plugged in the Pest Offense. Before, they were meandering around the cage. After we plugged it in, they picked up their pace.

All in all, The Pest Offense made a believer out of Royce. "Well, in the long term it seems to be worth it. All the spiders disappeared. I saw action the first week -- and haven't seen any since." I asked him the question we all wanted to know, "So, tell me, does it work?" Royce grinned, "Yeah, it works."

You can pick up the Pest Offense for about $30. Now before you go out and purchase on of these, consider this: Our test was not a scientific one and experts at Texas A&M have tested a similar product called Electrocat. It works under the same principles as the Pest Offense. Experts say their test showed it did not significantly reduce the pest population.

So, we called the makers of Pest Offense and asked them how long this will work and if it was anything like the Electrocat. We got an answering machine that asked us to leave a message saying they would get back to us.

If you have any products you want us to test, e-mail us by (clicking here).

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