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Human Skull Found Near Buffalo Springs Lake

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office is investigating a human skull found near Buffalo Springs Lake, but what they don't know is who it is or how long it's been there.

A cell phone is the reason the body part was found. Two people were driving by, and when the driver stopped to answer his cell phone his passenger got out of the car to give him some privacy and that's when he saw something odd. So if it weren't for the phone, the sheriff's office wouldn't be investigating the scene.

Sheriff David Gutierrez said, "we have no information or idea at this point in time."

Thursday night, Gutierrez didn't have many answers on how everything came to be. What he does know is a passer by found a human skull in the area. It was not in plain view, but it was close to the road.

"We have a lot of work to do at this point in time and I cannot make any comment on any speculation at this point in time," said Sheriff Gutierrez.

What he could say is the skull does not appear to have been there "for years." An anthropologist and the medical examiners office will determine how long the it's been there and dental records will help identify the person.

They blocked off a large area so they can search for any other information which may be crucial in answering many questions. However, because it got dark so quickly the sheriff's office hasn't been able search for or locate any other body parts.

"We need to search and comb the area, every square inch of it to see if we can find any additional information," said Sheriff Gutierrez.

Around 6:30 Friday morning the sheriff's department start combing the area. However, they said their biggest obstacle is the terrain, which is very rugged.

We did ask about the possibility of this being Joanna Rogers or Jennifer Wilkerson. Sheriff Gutierrez said he's not ruling anything out, but it's just too soon to tell.

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