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Officials are Asking that You Think Before You Drink

With New Years just around the corner, law enforcement officials are asking every one to think before they drink.

Every year several people die due to alcohol related traffic accidents. Local law enforcement say they have no tolerance for drinking and driving. Law enforcement will make there presence known though out Lubbock and the surrounding areas on New Years Eve.

The Lubbock Police Department, the Sheriff's Office as well as the Department of Public Safety will all have extra officers on duty to look for any one who drinks and drives. The extra officers will patrol all roadways from highways like I-27 to residential streets.

"D.W.I., if you get caught it is zero tolerance with us, you will be arrested, you will be taken to jail," said Corporal John Gonzalez, with the Department of Public Safety.

Law enforcement agencies across Texas and on the South Plains will be out in numbers New Years Eve looking for anyone who gets behind the wheel after they've been drinking.

The Lubbock Police Department started tightening down on drunk drivers early Saturday morning.

Robert Edward Blake was arrested just after 10 a.m. Saturday morning. He caused several accidents, then left the scene.

"There is extensive damage to this car. This gentleman was driving under the influence of alcohol, and caused at least five wrecks that we know about. He's going to jail." said Sgt. Ross Hester, with the Lubbock Police Department.

Blake's string of accidents started at the intersection of 34th street and University Avenue. That's where police say an intoxicated Blake ran into the back of another car. He then fled the scene and continued south causing two more wrecks on 50th and then on South Loop 289. It was on the South Loop where an off duty Sheriff Deputy followed Blake to 79th and Indiana and detained him until police arrived and arrested him.

"If you drink and drive your abilities to operate a motor vehicle are greatly diminished. If you are caught out drinking and driving by one of our officers you will go to jail. No if's, no and's, and no but's, and no anni over's you are going to jail," stated Sgt. Hester.

Officials ask that if you do plan to ring in the New Year with alcohol please drink responsibly.

"Best thing designate a driver, call a taxi or just stay where you are at." said Corporal Gonzalez.

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