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Weight Loss Possible Without Completely Cutting Carbs

If losing weight is part of your new year's resolution and you're debating whether to go low-carb, or no-carbs, a 7 year study could make that diet decision a little easier.

Researchers say they have enough evidence now to feel sure that you do not need to cut out carbs entirely to lose weight. Because the right kind of carbs are just plain healthy...and you don't need to give them up. This came announcement in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association.

"Our study shows that increasing carbohydrates as we did it, with an emphasis on vegetables and fruits and grains, in fact does not promote weight gain." says Barbara Howard, PhD, MedStar Research Institute.

Dr. Howard and her colleagues studied more than 48,000 women during those 7 years. Almost half cut back on high fat food and replaced them with carbs, but the good kind like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. And they followed one important rule...

"Fried was a curse word. We were not allowed to have fried foods. The f-word. So now I am able to forgo fried foods in many instances," says Frances Plummer, who eats less fat, and more carbs.

Overall, the study showed that by avoiding fried foods and eating the right kind of carbs... you can keep your weight down to the number you want on the scale.

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