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Design A Nail: Does It Work?

This week's product is called Design A Nail, a professional nail designing system. The makers claims you can get great looking nails in three easy steps. It costs $14, but Does It Work?

Your package has four different nail colors. It also has metal plates with design stencils on them. It says to take the slide machine and secure it to the end of the table. Next, you put the metal design plate in place and your finger in the cradle. Then you position the pointer where you want to design. You pick your color, paint over the stencil, slide the machine, press the pad on the paint, slide it back and press it down on your nail. The design did not turn out.

I believe in second chances. The design, once again, did not turn out. I was not going to give up. This time, I used a different design and color. It still was not working.

Kristen Ross from KCBD accounting came walking in where I was doing this test. It was great timing because her nails are longer than mine. We attempted butterflies with a green background and a white outline. "Ooo, that has a line through it," said Kristen.

I gave this product chance after chance, but it was not working for us. It doesn't work.

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