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A Workout You Can Do in a Chair

We used to think you had to run, jog, or jump to get the heart going for some good exercise, but we know now that weight training even from the chair you're sitting in right now can help you firm up and lose pounds. Dr. Mimi Zumwalt, an orthopedic surgeon in sports medicine at Texas Tech has won awards in competitive body building and powerlifting. She has a regular column in the on-line magazine, WTF, which stands for Women's Tri-Fitness. In our segment Healthwise at Five today, she showed us how easy it is to start a weight lifting program, simply by using a pair of water bottles.

"This is about a pound probably lighter than most people would use but you can use soup cans as well and that is probably about a pound and a half to two pounds. I recommend starting with one or two pounds and sit here and do simple exercises arm curls for the biceps, overhead press for the shoulder, lat pulls for the back and chest squeezes. I recommend 12-15 repetitions per set and a couple of sets, three times a week, that's all. If you are advanced in exercise you can do three sets. Studies have shown that even one set done well can make gains in strength, endurance and toning," says Dr

She says anybody can do this even if you're elderly or disabled. After you work out, she says... Drink the water.

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