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Morrow Gets Maximum Sentence for Stealing from Elderly and Disabled

A Lubbock day trader who scammed his friends, the elderly and handicap out of nearly $5 million is now in prison. On Friday, a federal judge sentenced Randall Morrow to the maximum ten years in prison. The Judge listened to victims statements which helped his decision to give the maximum sentence; ten years in prison, a $100,000 fine, followed by three years supervised probation and full restitution of $4.8 million. But NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains why some victims say they might not ever see the money.

"Some victims will be gone before he can get it back." Pam Johnson and her elderly mother, now deceased, trusted Randy Morrow with over $92,000. "He preyed on the weak and the vulnerable."

Most victims were elderly and had family members with serious disabilities, but others were Morrow's family friends. "He acted like he cared. He got people to trust because he acted like a friend." Cheryl Kennedy and her family gave Morrow money for their son's future. "It was his college tuition money." But like every other victim's story, Morrow took the money and disappeared.

Randall Morrow walked into federal court a free-man, but ended up in handcuffs after his guilty plea lead to a maximum prison sentence of 10 years without parole. "Made us feel good, as good as we could expect. We were hoping he would get 10 years. And I really didn't expect him to have to pay us back any money, so that's good news." Johnson says. "I'm relieved. I was scared he'd get out on probation, I'm so glad he didn't. He deserves more, but 10 years is good."

Morrow is now in jail and will begin serving his 10 year sentence. He did make a comment in court saying he admitted he was wrong and there were no words to describe his sorrow. He also told the judge that if it takes his last breath, he would pay back every penny.

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