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Unsolved Lubbock Murders/Disappearances Make National Headlines

Six of Lubbock's unsolved murder and missing person cases made national news Friday night. CNN's Nancy Grace devoted her hour long show to helping shed new light on the investigations. Lubbock County Sheriff David Gutierrez, who is investigating many of the cases, was interviewed for the show, NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire has more on his reaction.

Nancy Grace tried to paint a picture of Lubbock being a small town with six women dead or missing. Amanda Gschwend, Linda Carbajal, Cynthia Palacio, Joanna Rogers, Jennifer Wilkerson and Summer Baldwin were killed or disappeared in Lubbock County over the past six years.

Grace repeatedly asked Sheriff Gutierrez "what's going on in little ol' Lubbock, Texas." Here's what he would've said if they would've given him the time he said he needed to respond.

Six high profile missing persons or homicide cases all remain unsolved in Lubbock. CNN's Nancy Grace wants to know what's being done to solve the cases so she invited Sheriff Gutierrez onto the show to explain. She spoke with him by phone for one segment of the hour long show. Gutierrez said he wasn't given time to explain they've conducted massive manhunts and traveled to dozens of cities looking for answers on the whereabouts of Jennifer Wilkerson and Joanna Rogers.

"The men and women of this department have worked thousands of hours, day and night and have given themselves. It doesn't become just a case, we get personally involved and sometimes there's frustration because we want to find a resolution to this," said Gutierrez.

Grace asked numerous times about the connection with Rosendo Rodriguez and Joanna Rogers. Rodriguez faces capital murder charges for Summer Baldwin's death. Investigators say computers confiscated from Rodriguez and Joanna prove they communicated. On the show Sheriff Gutierrez said he couldn't talk about the case, for fear of hindering the investigation, but was met with this remark from Grace: "I understand that sheriff, I'm a former prosecutor. I'm asking you what's going on with the women in and around Lubbock, Texas."

Despite her seemingly aggressive attitude Gutierrez believes Grace devoted the show to the Lubbock cases because she wants to help. He hopes the national exposure brings forth new information.

"They're truly concerned about the welfare of these girls and they're truly concerned, the program is concerned about the families involved in this and their kids. As are we," said Gutierrez. 

National exposure has helped in the past. Ten years ago the sheriff's office had a missing person's case. They found her in California after America's Most Wanted highlighted the case.

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