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Lubbock's Only Strip Club Loses Permit

Monday's decision only means the strippers can no longer dance inside Baby Dolls. But it does not mean the owner, Charles Jerry Westlund, Jr., has to shut the place down completely. "It would be a bar that sells mixed beverages so that permit would still be active," says Claude Jones, Lubbock Police Chief.

Westlund has the permit to sell alcohol but was stripped of his permit for a sexually oriented business when he lost his appeal hearing with the Permits and Licensing Board on Monday.

Westlund's Attorney Jan Fouts still believes his client was cheated of his constitutional rights. Fouts says Westlund's California felony convictions were reduced to misdemeanors and the city failed to recognize that when considering Westlund's application.

"We believe the decision was not a correct decision but the board certainly was acting on what they believed," said Fouts.

The board has five days to provide its written decision. After that is done, Fouts plans to file the case in a higher court and has ten days to do so.

Jones told us he believes a crime was committed when Westlund lied on the application. He says the Lubbock District Attorney's office will soon make that determination.

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