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HealthWise at 5 From 1.10

  • Vitamin D

Pregnant women need Vitamin D to help strengthen not only -their- own bones, but those of their unborn babies, as well. That's according to a new study in the Journal "Lancet." That shows Vitamin D supplements in pregnant women can reduce the number of fractures their children will get as they grow up. It's unclear how much of the supplement is needed to see the benefits in kids, but we do know that even small doses of sunshine can help the body make its own Vitamin D. So researchers say taking Vitamin D would be especially important during cold winter months when sunlight levels are low. Study led by researchers at Southampton General Hospital in England.

  • Gum Disease

Here is a reason to let go of that old childhood fear of the dentist, gum disease, if left untreated can not only make you lose your teeth, but it can also increase the risk of developing blood clots, heart attack and stroke. Participants in a recent study in Australia had such severe periodontal disease that they all had to have some teeth extracted. After gum disease treatment, researchers say blood tests on the patients showed their risk for clotting had decreased. Study led by researchers at Sydney Dental Hospital & Royal North Shore Hospital in Australia and the University of Oslo in Norway. The study is published in the "Journal of Dental Research". Go to for more information.

  • Wound Healing

More inspiration to keep up with that New Year's resolution to exercise. A study from the Ohio State University compared the healing times of two groups of older adults those who exercised, and those who did not. Researchers say minor skin wounds healed about 10 days faster in the group that exercised, and that is especially important because the body's ability to heal even small skin wounds normally slows down as we age. The study is published in the "Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences"

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