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HealthWise at 5 From 1.11

  • Lycopene

Japanese researchers have found that feeding tomato juice to mice that were exposed to cigarette smoke prevented them from developing the lung disease. Researchers think a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes, called Lycopene, is key, although their research continues to make sure it wasn't some other ingredient that should take the credit. Other studies have linked tomatoes with a reduced risk of prostate cancer, too. This newest one is published in the Journal of Neurophysiology. Study led by researchers at Stanford University and the University of California.

  • Sleepy Brain

It does not take a brain surgeon to tell you that if you lose a lot of sleep you're going to pay for it. When your thoughts and actions move into slow gear, but one new study at Stanford is providing some insight into how that happens. Scientists say that when we learn something new like the right road to take to get somewhere. That increases cell production in a certain part of the brain called the Hippocampus. Sleep plays a role in keeping those new cells alive. In the study, sleep-deprived rats not only had a hard time remembering their way through a maze. They also showed fewer of those new cells surviving among the Hippocampus cells. That study was done at Stanford and the University of California.

  • Alcohol and Athletics

If you are worried about your teenager experimenting with alcohol, here's some news that may influence them, particularly if they like sports. The National Strength and Conditioning Association reports that anyone with sports aspirations ought to re-think what they drink, because they say the obvious end result is a loss of hand eye coordination, but what is harder to see is that even a few drinks can slow down reaction time as much as three days later.

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