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Mayor McDougal Highlights 2005 Accomplishments in Annual State of the City Address

Put Lubbock up against any other city in the world. That's the challenge Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal told an audience of over 400 during the 23rd annual state of the city address Wednesday. He spoke of the city's numerous accomplishments from 2005 and gave a glimpse into the future but first, what makes Lubbock great. That's the question Mayor McDougal strived to answer in Wednesday's State of the City Address.

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State of the City Address Transcript
Read the entire transcript of Mayor Marc McDougal's 2006 State of the City Address.

In closing Mayor McDougal said, "I challenge anyone in this room to name one city in this state that has as much entertainment to offer as Lubbock, as much good weather to enjoy it in and so little traffic to slow you down. It doesn't exist!"

Mayor McDougal closed his state of the city address with a bold statement. However, after hearing what he had to say over 400 in attendance appeared to agree with him.

Lubbock resident Tana Patterson said the mayor's speech was reassuring for Lubbock. "Absolutely. I thought the things he said today were pointed, things we needed to hear about and I was real impressed," said Patterson.

McDougal said, "As the overseer of the publicly owned utility, Lubbock Power and Light, I'm pleased to report we have righted the financial ship."

Lubbock Power and Light is operating with a $15 million surplus after spending three years in debt.

McDougal went onto say, "We are no longer a city that depends on any one industry, but agriculture is still the number one driver of our economy."

Plains Cotton Growers, Inc Executive Vice President agreed with that statement. "His part about agriculture, how important it was, the underlying, the lynch pin of the economy. We certainly know that and believe that," said Verett.

2005's $1.4 billion cotton crop will generate nearly $5 million into the Lubbock economy. However, it's water that will continue to be the priority of the future.

McDougal said, "There is no more important issue confronting Lubbock and our future than water."

In 2005, the city purchased land rights from the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority to secure a 100 year water supply.

Patterson said, "He talked a lot about the water issue, which is something that's really been on my mind as for the future of Lubbock."

Other major accomplishments for the year included the creation of 355 new jobs in Lubbock. Mayor McDougal said Lubbock was able to move hurricane survivors into temporary homes faster than any other city in the state.

Proceeds from the state of the city lunch will benefit the Lubbock Regional Public Safety Memorial located at 75th and Slide. The memorial is designed to honor first responders. For more information or to donate, call (806) 775-2646.

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