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Shark's Grab-N-Bag: Does It Work?

The product is called Grab-N-Bag, a product made by Shark. You get a touch free clean up with this device. It costs us around $30, but Does It Work?

Your package comes with a roll of bags and you fit the bag over the opening of the scooper. Now we're ready for a glass bottle of picante! What a mess! No sweat though. Remember when we're using the Grab-n-bag, I don't have to use my hands, so I will not have to touch the broken glass.

You activate the scooper by the press of a button and it rolls the mess up into the bag. This product was no joke. It was working great! Then we tried the unthinkable; spilling paint to see what the Grab-N-Bag can do. This product is great and well worth every penny. The Grab-N-Bag works!

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