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Obese Pregnancy

We know obesity affects your health and your self-esteem. There's another big concern for women. Obesity can be a factor if a woman is having trouble getting pregnant. Renay Pressley has little Ryan now that's after losing 100 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery. Before that, she tried for eight years to get pregnant.

She wasn't cycling normally and a lot of obese women don't ovulate on a regular basis," says Seth Katz M.D. in reproductive medicine.

"It would be nine months to a year without my cycle," says Renay Pressley a patient.

Of course, no eggs means no chance of getting pregnant, but scientists are still piecing together how extra weight affects a woman's cycle and her chance of getting pregnant. What they do know is excess body fat can influence reproductive hormones, and Dr. Katz says as little as 10 or 15 percent weight loss can make a huge difference in terms of how a woman responds to the medications used in fertility treatment.

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