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Medical Breakthrough: I-Pod Heart Help

Especially now after Christmas, you see lots of people carrying around I-Pods or MP-3 players, which can save hundreds of your favorite songs to play back whenever you call it up. Now, I-Pods are for more than just music! The Arizona Heart Institute is the first in the nation to send every patient home with an I-Pod. So that you can tune in to life-saving information that you might have missed in the doctor's office.

Cardiovascular surgeon Grayson Wheatley is the first to give his patients I-Pods. Patients can hear and see information about diet, exercise and the heart. Programs also explain balloon angioplasty, stenting and show how doctors perform a bypass.

"One of the biggest complaints in medicine is patients don't get enough time with their doctors, and the i-pod can be an extension of time that they get with their doctors," says Grayson Wheatley M.D. and a Cardiovascular surgeon at Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Doctors tend to, you know, be really technical about it, and this helped me get a little better understanding of what he's talking about," says Phil Calderone a patient.

Besides patients like Phil would rather spend time with his grandson than his doctor. Now, he can just watch his doctor's orders on his computer or download it on his I-Pod and listen whenever he wants. "They can watch it several times, and they can get a true understanding of exactly some of the complex things that we're doing," says Dr. Wheatley.

"It helps me understand how to take care of myself in the future. I want to be around when he graduates college," says Phil Calderone a patient

If you'd like to know more about patient I-Pods. The Arizona Heart Institute has a Web site. Go to

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