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Food for Thought Report 1.12

A newer, more popular lunch hot spot doesn't do so hot with the health department and the phrase "good food fine wine" prevails in this week's Food For Thought. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire brings us this week's top and low performers.

Food for Thought 1.12
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 1/12/06.

You may think of the Depot Entertainment District as a popular night spot, but La Diosa Cellar doubles as a lunch spot by day and entertainment venue by night. It's also one of this week's top performing restaurants.

Located in the historic Depot Entertainment District, La Diosa Cellar strives to set itself apart. It's an upscale looking bistro in a downtown location with lots of style. For two years owners Catherine Traxler and Sylvia McPherson say the ambiance and customer satisfaction has kept people coming back. "I think the atmosphere has an awful lot to do with it and definitely our cuisine is very unique," said McPherson.

This week the health department gave La Diosa a perfect score, making them a first time Food For Thought top performer. "I think we have an organized kitchen we have a really great staff, good kitchen manager, good staff. They have a system they follow every day and we work hard at it," said Traxler.

Their lunch and dinner menus feature tapas, which are Spanish appetizers, and various Mediterranean dishes. McPherson said, "It's very bistro like, very casual, but very sophisticated."

La Diosa is also a winery they make and sell their own brand as well as several other Texas wines. The location features various types of music each weekend. La Diosa is located at 901 17th Street in the Depot District.

Smoothie King located at 3723 19th Street received zero critical violations giving them a spot on the top performer list.

Sonic Drive-in at 50th and Slide is also a top performer, a first for that location. Management tells NewsChannel 11 they follow strict procedures to ensure no violations occur.

McAlister's Deli located at 2415 19th Street is this week's only low performer. They were issued four critical violations.

  • Sour cream was found being stored at 68 degrees, cold foods must be stored at 45 degrees.
  • A hand sink was being used as a dump sink, which is a hygiene risk.
  • Wet and soiled rags were on a cutting board risking cross contamination.
  • A food cart was blocking a hand sink.

Management wouldn't go on camera, but they tell NewsChannel 11 "all violations were corrected onsite," and "they have systems in place to ensure such violations won't happen again."

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