Steps To Building Your Dream Home

1. Select a builder
2. Determine how much you want to spend on your dream home
3. Get preapproved for your financing. Preferred financiers for construction are PrimeWest Corporation and Peoples Bank Lubbock. Everything should be fully explained by your lender so that there is no confusion on the financing side of things. A budget will be developed and strictly adhered to unless you make changes in the form of upgrades to the homes features that will increase the amount of your loan. In that case, your lender must preapprove the increase in your loan amount before the changes can be made or included in the plan.
4. Choose a location
5. Make a floor plan to fit your desired rooms, room size preferences and your lot size (Robert can help with this step, if you need it regardless of the builder you choose)
6. Then pick out what you want in your custom home. All materials, supplies, etc. will be of the highest quality and will be purchased from reputable local companies.