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HealthWise at 5 From 1.20

  • Mimyx

Kids and adults with atopic dermatitis, more commonly called Eczema, have a new option to help relieve the itch and promote healing. Mimyx, a cream from StiefelLlaboratories, is a steroid free preparation made from ingredients including olive oil. The prescription only treatment helps restore the outermost layer of skin and essentially mimics the natural skin barrier. The cream can be used by young and old with no limitation on the length of therapy. If you have Eczema you might ask your doctor about the new cream Mimyx.

  • Contacts and Cold

Most people remember that touching door knobs or other germ hot spots can transmit germs to your nose or mouth. Now, wellness experts say contact lens wearers might want to use their glasses instead during a cold or flu outbreak. Doctors from the Continuum Center for Health and Healing in New York City say touching the eye to insert or remove contacts could spread cold germs. Users might end up planting bugs that can trigger a cold.

  • Vacation Resolutions

It's in the middle of winter, but before you know it, vacation season will be here and you'll be filled with excuses not to take a break. The Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin wants you to re think that, since a study done at the clinic finds women who take vacations are more satisfied with their lives. One surprise finding, about 20% of women only take a vacation once every six years. As they took fewer vacations, their feeling of depression and exhaustion became more frequent

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