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Musicians on Call

You wouldn't expect to see a professional musician serenading a patient in the hospital, but that's the prescription in New York, where several hospitals there are experimenting with music as medicine.

"They get an emotional uplifting, because the music will stimulate that in you, and also there's some therapeutic effect as well. The patients feel less pain when they hear music, especially music that they like. Studies have shown that happens quite often," says Frank Siguenza.

"I can't explain it but it was a good feeling, I mean usually I would have cried the way I was feeling, but I didn't cry. I thought, ooh this is wonderful, having somebody come in and play music for someone that's in the hospital. (it helped, huh?) yes, it did," says Lucy Ranieri patient.

The entertainment is courtesy of a non-profit organization called "Musicians on Call."

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