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Medical Breakthrough-Travelers Fitness

There are a lot of people who say. "I'd love to exercise, but I'm on the road too much. Personal trainers Cecilia Tobler and Deidre King say that's no excuse. They've written a book to help busy travelers find the time to get fit. It's called the travelers fitness companion. For example, they say pack some exercise bands and a jump rope and you can take your work out anywhere.

"You don't want to get out of your room, you stay there, you don't want to run outside, you use the steps in the hotel, you don't want to do any of these, you just march in place and walk around and do lunges with your briefcase in your hands, and arms across your chest, and lunge," says Cecilia Tobler a trainer and an author. The Travelers Fitness Companion includes exercises and stretches that can be done even in a cramped seat on a plane, bus or train, small movements that could prevent dangerous blood clots while traveling in cramped quarters for long periods.

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