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Motorcycle Fatalities Increase By 150% In 2005

One motorcyclist suffered serious injuries this week when he collided with another motorcycle. Fortunately, that driver was treated and released, but that wasn't the case for a number of riders in 2005.

There were 13 total traffic fatalities in Lubbock in 2005. That number was down 41% from the year before. Five of the fatalities were pedestrians hit by cars. The number of those killed in auto accidents was down 60%. But, motorcycle fatalities increased from two to five for a 150% increase.

"It's good for drivers in the cars to be looking, be safe, be looking for motorcycles," said Lubbock Police Captain Neil Brumley.

Captain Brumley tells NewsChannel 11 the statistics should keep drivers aware, but says trends vary from year to year. So, it may not necessarily mean more motorcyclists are on the road.

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