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The SkipDr.: Does It Work?

This injured DVD needs to see the doctor fast! The SkipDr. that is! It is a product that fixes any type of scratched disc.

The SkipDr costs $35, but Does It Work? Blockbuster Video has a lot of scratched discs out of circulation. We saw how badly one was when it played in the DVD player.

The instructions said to place the DVD on the circular base, spray it down with repair fluid, and lock it down on the spindle. While you turn the crank, a buffer inside rotates and supposedly buffs out the scratches. You have to do this process twice.

After drying the disc, and buffing it one more time, we placed it in the DVD player, hoping it was repaired. Well, it did not work!

We found another DVD that was not badly scratched. We buffed it using the SkipDr and played it. The SkipDr did not repair this one either. This product is a quack! It doesn't work.

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