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District Two Residents Concerned Over Criminal Activity

Criminal activity happens in all parts of the city, but on Thursday night, residents of District Two wanted to know how police officers are dealing with it.

"I've had people shooting guns in the alley behind my back yard. I call police and maybe they'll show or maybe they won't," said one concerned homeowner.

District Two City Councilman Floyd Price called the town hall meeting, but wasn't present because of an illness. City Councilwomen Linda DeLeon and Phyllis Jones attended the meeting in his place.

Jones says many of the residents expressed concern about break-ins, drug activity and speeding. "The best thing they can do is be the police's eyes and ears and when they see illegal activity going on in their neighborhood, they need to report it," she said.

If you need to report a crime, you can reach a police officer by calling 775-2817.

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