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HealthWise at 5 From 2.8

  • Brain Gate

An amazing technology has the potential to return some independence to quadriplegics and others by networking the brain with a computer. The Braingate Neuromotor Prosthesis is comprised of a tiny, implanted electrode sensor and an external connector. The sensor picks up signals from the motor cortex area of the brain and then communicates those commands through a computer interface. Current study participants have used this mind-computer connection to change TV channels and even control an artificial hand. You can also find information on clinical studies by ( clicking here). 

  • Noisy Hospital

Hospital patients often complain about needing to go home for some peace and quiet. A new study says the level of noise in hospitals insn't just disturbing to patients, but also to workers who burn out at faster rates. A new study from John Hopkins University finds average hospital noise exceeds seventy decibels during the day, double the recommended noise level. And, the noise isn't just a distraction. The so-called "Sound Congestion" makes it harder to hear medical orders, potentially leading to errors.

  • Fludase

A unique medicine heading to clinical trials could cut-off flu viruses at the pass. Fludase is preventive medicine that turns off a key respiratory path flu viruses use to infect the body. Using an asthma inhaler-like device, the powder medicine spreads throughout the lungs. There, Fludase disables a key sugar receptor all forms of the flu use to enter the body. By disrupting this sugar chain, the gateway into the respiratory system is closed, and infection can't occur. A clinical trial is scheduled to get underway early this year.

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