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Food for Thought Report 1.26

The spicy flavor of Mexican cuisine is traditionally a popular dining choice across the South Plains. However, according to the health department, two south of the border restaurants aren't doing hot. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire has this week's Food for Thought report.

Food for Thought 1.26
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 1/26/06.

The treats at Sugarbakers Cafe and Bakery received sweet reviews with zero critical violations. It's the second time in four months they've received a perfect score. Sugarbakers management says they're delighted to make the top performer list again and they always strive for cleanliness.

Many of you may head to Mama Josie's for the popular Mexican weekend dish menudo or maybe you prefer the classic chips and queso. However, for the location at 318 North University, those items are two reasons why they're a low performer.

  • The health department found menudo being stored at 100 degrees two hours after it was prepared. Cooked food must reach 70 degrees within two hours after being cooked. That's because bacteria grows the fastest until it reaches 70 degrees.
  • An employee was washing the floor with a hose next to uncovered containers of queso, a cross contamination risk.
  • Cooked beans were at 126 degrees they need to be stored at 140 degrees.
  • The walk in cooler was holding at 44 degrees. Coolers must be 41 degrees or lower.

Violations were corrected on site and Josie's management tells NewsChannel 11, "We strive hard to keep a safe environment for our customers and employees and we are working on correcting everything."

Our next low performer/south of the border stop is Casa Ole' at 4413 South Loop 289. They too were cited for not cooling cooked food fast enough.

  • Refried beans were found at 122 degrees 90 minutes after they were cooked, again it's a bacteria concern.
  • Soiled wiping cloths were found on food contact surfaces.
  • A spray bottle with an unknown solution was not labeled.
  • The reach in cooler was missing a thermometer.

Casa Ole' management tells NewsChannel 11 the thermometer has been replaced and they have since corrected everything.

Fox & Hound English Pub is also a low performer.

  • They were cited for keeping cold potato salad at 49 degrees and cold raw catfish at 50 degrees, both should be at least 45 degrees.
  • Soiled cloths were on food prep counters.
  • Spray bottles with unknown solutions were unmarked.
  • The container storing the ice scoop had mold.

Management told us, "Everything was corrected on site and they're working to make things better in the future."

The popular downtown hangout Crickets rounds out the low performers with six critical violations. Inspectors found:

  • Sour cream being held at 58 degrees, which should be held at 45 degrees.
  • Sausage wasn't clearly date marked.
  • A reach in cooler didn't have a thermometer.
  • Soiled utensils were stored with clean utensils.

Crickets management was unavailable for comment.

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