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Police Looking for Two Men After Morning Bank Robbery

Lubbock police are looking for two men who were involved in an armed bank robbery. This is the second time in three months the Plains Bell federal Credit Union has been robbed. Police say there are a lot of similarities in the two crimes. For example, they happened early in the morning, both with two male suspects, and both times the suspects were wearing fake beards.

It was just after 10 Thursday morning when two men wearing disguises pointed a gun at the teller and demanded money. Lt. Roy Bassett with Lubbock police says, "(They) walked in, told the tellers to empty out their drawer, and yelled back that who's ever responsible for the vault needed to open the vault."

Surveillance pictures inside the bank show a suspect surprising the teller with a gun. Then giving orders along with a second suspect. In the next few seconds, the tellers started clearing their drawers and the suspects move from one window to the next. A minute later, the men make their way out.

But this isn't the first time the bank has been robbed.

On October 19th, the story was the same. Two men wearing disguises walked in around the same time, asking for the same thing, and even giving the same demands. Bassett says, "If somebody has success with a particular place or a particular style of robbery, it's certainly not unheard of that they feel like they can get away with it again. Eventually they all slip up and hopefully this is the time that these did."

Police tell NewsChannel 11 they are always patrolling their beats, but especially after a crime like this they will heighten their patrol around banks. If you do have any information, you are asked to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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