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Official Press Release: Homicide 2711 80th St.


Vicki Logan
W/F, 11-20-53
2713 80th St.

Wanda Faye Turner
W/F, 06/23/32
2711 80th St.

No suspects in custody at this time.  Investigation ongoing.  If there should be an arrest made after hours or on the weekend, I have asked to be notified and I will send that out ASAP.

Just in case, I'll give the brief run down once more.

Vicki Logan did not go to work today, which caused concern for some of her co-workers (don't have names on co-workers). 

Co-workers went to Vicki's house at 2713 80th to check her welfare.
Co-workers tried for quite some time to get an answer at 2713, but no one would come to the door.  (yes, I know that's different from the story that was available at the scene.  sorry, this is what was on the call sheet).  A young W/M walked from 2713 80th to 2711 80th and used a keypad to activate the garage door opener.

The W/M that opened the garage door was identified as Vicki's son and
Wanda's grandson.    The exact extent of his involvement in this case,
if any, is unknown at this time.  His identity is not being released at this time.

At this point, one of the co-workers called the police.

This young man was quite distraught and began saying something to the effect of "they're both dead...they're in there...they're dead".  Don't know the exact words, but it was something indicating that someone was dead.

Police were notified at approx. 2:10 p.m.  Call came in as a check welfare.  Officers arrived on the scene and found the W/M sitting on a stack of bottled water cases in the garage of 2711 80th St..

Officers entered the home (2711) and found Vicki Logan and Wanda Faye Turner in the residence and apparently deceased.  The house was checked for any suspects and/or other victims.  Once the house was deemed safe, EMS was allowed to enter.  At 2:46 EMS said there were no signs of life in either victim.

Foul play suspected.

Homicide call out was initiated.

Investigation continues.

Lt. Roy Bassett
Lubbock Police Department
(806) 775-2692

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