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HealthWise at 5 From 1.27

  • Asthma Pollution

An FDA advisory panel recommends banning some over the counter asthma inhalers, like Primatene Mist, over concerns they could harm the environment. "Chloro-fluoro-carbons" found in the inhalers have been associated with damaging the earth's ozone layer. Primatene Mist's manufacturer, Wyeth, is the largest maker of Epinephrine inhalers. A company spokesman says an estimated 3-million Americans use Primatene Mist for mild Asthma. The FDA will now vote on whether to keep the inhalers on the market.

  • Ear Infections

It's very common for kids to get ear infections, and just as common to treat them with antibiotics. But, new research from the UK indicates it may be much better to give those antibiotics in eardrops, rather than a spoon. Researchers say that especially in young children, the drops were more effective at drying the ear than other antibiotics taken orally.

  • Race Smoking

If you're a smoker, the color of your skin could put you at a higher risk of getting lung cancer. A study of over 183,000 people found that smoking a pack a day, which is about 20 cigarettes a day, put Blacks and Hawaiians at the highest risk, followed by Japanese-Americans, Latinos and then Whites. But, for the really heavy smokers, who smoked 30 or more cigarettes a day, color made no difference. The cancer risk was high for everybody. Researchers say they don't know why there appears to be a difference in race and the reaction to nicotine.

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