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City Implements Drought Contingency Plan

For the first time, the recent dry spell is affecting all Lubbock residents. Monday, the City of Lubbock implemented phase one of the Drought Contingency Plan. Under this plan, residents are asked to voluntarily conserve water use. However, if residents don't conserve the city will implement phase two, which would result in mandatory cut backs with restricted watering schedules.

Sandra Offutt, member of the Lubbock Water Conservation Team says, "We don't want to go to that extreme. We'd rather the citizens cut back now and conserve on their own and us not have to regulate it."

Here are a few ways the city says you can use water wisely:

  • Set your sprinklers to prevent water from running off the property.
  • Use commercial car washes, instead of washing your car at home.
  • Reuse sheets and towels at hotels, sweep driveways and parking lots rather than hosing them down with water.
  • Check for leaks in your home and repair them immediately.
  • Use energy saving appliances.

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