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Freeway Construction Threatens North Lubbock Homes

The second phase of the Marsha Sharp Freeway is not only impacting traffic but this time it could be impacting hundreds of people's homes and land in North Lubbock. City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon held a meeting Monday night. Nearly 300 residents of the Arnett-Benson neighborhood showed up with concerns.

While phase two of the Marsha Sharp Freeway is under constructed, the city is thinking about what it means for these houses and residents. The city presented three possibilities. Version one is to turn the front track between University and Avenue U into commercial and leaving 50% of the homes and land. The second version is to turn all the track into commercial or version three which would leave it how it is. Councilwoman DeLeon says because those outlining houses will face the freeway, the city needs to know how residents feel and what they want to do.

"Right now, our home is paid for and I don't think I could buy a home for what I have right now," said Becky Marin who has lived in her home for 29 years. Others people want to take advantage of what they're calling an opportunity. "We can't afford to buy a house right now but if we move and they give us enough money, we can buy a house and move to another place," said Linda Puebla, who has lived in her house for 30 years.

When the meeting wrapped up, residents who live or own land in the impacted area were asked to place sticker dots on which version they liked. Most of the people placed dots on Version two. The city assured that if people did not want to sell their house or land, the city would not use their eminent domain authority to acquire the land.

This was the first meeting and it will not be the last before a final decision is made.

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