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19-Year-Old Charged With Murder of Mother and Grandmother

Nineteen year-old Steven Tyler Logan is now charged with capital murder in the deaths of his mother and grandmother. The bodies of 52-year-old Vicki Logan and 73-year-old Wanda Faye Turner were found Friday in the 2700 block of 80th Street. On Tuesday, the Lubbock County District Attorney told Logan face to face that he is responsible for their deaths. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire was at the arraignment and has more.

Since Friday afternoon, NewsChannel 11 has learned Steven Tyler Logan had dreams of getting a college baseball scholarship. It's a goal friends tell us he and his mother worked toward for the past several years. However, friends and neighbors also said Logan and his mother began facing a more troubled relationship in recent months. Now, rather than a baseball jersey, his shirt says Lubbock County.

The suspense surrounding Steven Tyler Logan's arraignment begins outside the courtroom. Even before bailiff's escorted him into the room, their restlessness showed. However, the look in Logan's eyes is one of sorrow.

He walked into the courtroom cuffed and un-shaven. From the time Logan set foot in the courtroom, it would be another 15 minutes before the judge came in; just enough time for him to break emotionally and shed a few tears.

Friends and Coworkers Remember Homicide Victim
A son is charged with his grandmother's death and could possibly be charged with his mothers' death as well. Nineteen year-old Steven Tyler Logan turned himself into police Sunday and he's now charged with murder. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire speaks with Vicki Logan's co-worker and best friend who discovered she was dead.

The bailiff patted him on the back numerous times as if to say, "you'll be okay." However, as Logan kept waiting for the judge the tears kept falling. At one point the same bailiff gave him a tissue with which to wipe his tears away.

Minutes passed but still no judge. By that time you could see the anxiety level in the room escalate. You could also hear restless chatter as everyone tried to pass time waiting to hear the charges against Logan.

Finally the judge and District Attorney Matt Powell entered the courtroom. Logan could not make eye contact as Powell read him his charges.

Addressing Logan Powell said, "Steven Logan did then and there intentionally and knowingly cause the death of Vicki Logan by strangling the individual, Vicki Logan with his hand and a rope."

After the judge asked him if he understood his rights, Logan walked out of the courtroom in the same manner in which he walked in, holding back tears at the thought of being accused of killing his mother and his grandmother.

Logan's case was upgraded to capital murder because more than one death is involved. Because he's charged with capital murder he could face the death penalty. We caught up with District Attorney Matt Powell after the arraignment, he said he won't decide wether to seek the death penalty until he's able to further review the case. Logan's bond is set at $1 million.

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