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Local Political Parties Voice Reaction to State of the Union Speech

Lubbock Republicans and Democrats gathered to watch the State of the Union. The speech lasted 51-minutes, with the president discussing popular heated topics like foreign policy, domestic spying program and rising energy costs. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel visited local watch parties and had their reaction.

The Republican party had about 30 members gather together, while the Democrats had about 15. Each group watching and anticipating the President's outlook for 2006.

The Republican party felt that the President covered all the important issues and gave a positive outlook for 2006. They also said Bush's presidency has rejuvenated the party, and has gotten the younger generation of Republicans involved. Van Wilson, (R), running for State Rep, Dist 83 said,
"Quality education, not leaving a child behind, improving college entrance exams we give our seniors in high school. The economy is growing, the economy is doing well, it's very healthy and out of the recession. So he's got a lot of things going, healthcare, education, and the economy."

The Democrats, on the other hand, felt that too much time was spent on foreign policy instead of addressing our concerns here at home. Democrats also said they wished to hear more about how we can support the troops. Robert Ricketts (D), running for U.S. Congress, Dist 19 said, "You don't support the troops by giving up your rights at home. You don't support troops by under funding their body armor and other equipment they need in Iraq. You don't support troops by cutting veteran administration when they get home. You don't support troops by cutting taxes on investment incomes while sending men and women off to war."

Both groups agreed that the President admitted that we have room for improvement.

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