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Teacher You Can Count On: Traci Seaton

First year teachers face many challenges as they adjust to their new careers. But students at Brown Elementary are giving one science teacher an A plus. NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta shows us why, in this week's Teacher You Can Count On.

"Today we did fish and I got to pour in the fish, which was very exciting," says Brittani, she's just one of Traci Seaton's students. Today, her science class is learning about fish and how they adapt to their habitat. "Lets say that together, Gamboozia Fish," says Ms. Seaton to her class.

"We get to look at cool stuff that we've never seen before, it's great and it's fun," that's how students describe what they experience everyday in Miss Seaton's class. "It's just a lot funner when ever you get to use your hands, get to interact with other people. We do a lot of group work," explains Miss Seaton.

She tries to implement fun and excitement in every aspect of her classroom, what students say makes learning enjoyable. "Sometimes we don't even know that we're learning about Science when we're playing," says Brittani.

Miss Seaton is inspiring a love of Science, nature and discovery."Every year just grow on what I did the last year and keep being such an inspiration to the kids," she says. ...Making Miss Seaton just like the fish her students are learning about. "I think I'm a small fish in a big pond. I feel so small but I can make a little bit of difference here and there and then maybe grow to be a big fish," she adds.

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