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Suitcase Murder Suspect Loses Lawyer

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The man accused of killing a woman and stuffing her body in a suitcase no longer has an attorney as of Thursday night.

A Lubbock District Judge gave Rosendo Rodriguez's San Antonio attorney permission to quit the case. The San Antonio attorney, Albert Rodriguez, filed a motion for removal in the Rodriguez murder case.

In the court document, he says he quit because the defendants family was not paying him. The document also says that the attorney and Rosendo's family were not getting along which makes it, "impossible to represent the defendant."

Rosendo named two attorneys during the motion to remove hearing that his family wants to hire. Those are Greta Braker and Jeff Blackburn. Blackburn is the attorney who represented several defendants in the controversial 1999 Tulia drug bust.

Blackburn and Braker say they are reviewing the case and have not made a decision to take it. If the two attorneys decide not to take the case, Rodriguez will have to hire another attorney or let the judge appoint him one. A pre-trial hearing date has not been set.

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