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Charges Dropped For 2 Men Wrongly Accused of Bank Robbery

NewsChannel 11 has learned more about the Crime Line tip that led Lubbock Police to arrest the wrong men for a south Lubbock bank robbery. Charges against 21-year-old Jeremy Yost and 20-year-old Dale Imhoff were dropped Friday...two days after they were filed. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains why police will have to start their robbery investigation over.

Police say the evidence led to the two men, but now the case is open once again. Ultimately, it was their alibi that proved there was no way they were at the bank at the time of the crime.

Jeremy Yost says, "I sat in jail for 2 days for nothing." Yost and Imhoff want their names cleared, after being accused of robbing a local bank. Dale Imhoff says, "they didn't only embarrass us, they embarrassed our family."

It started with a tip from Crime Line. Police heard the suspects were thinking about robbing another Lubbock bank, then moving to Florida. They also found a receipt in one of the cars with a large sum purchase.

Lt. Roy Bassett from the Lubbock Police Department says, "Everything we had at the time appeared to point to them and certainly we had enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant."

After getting the search warrant, police made the arrest near Milwaukee and Erskine Wednesday.

"They busted in the front window and rammed me in the front and the back and messed up the front of my car," says Yost.

Yost and Imhoff spent two days in jail before police learned that surveillance video from the Crystal Falls car wash proves that Yost was working when the bank robbery occurred. And Imhoff was in bed asleep.

"You have to give the detectives a little credit for admitting, 'we may very well have made a mistake here,'" said Lt. Bassett.

The men also proved that the receipt found was from a purchase they made with settlement money. They recently received $14,000 as settlement for a car accident they were in.

"My face has been put all over the news for this. Now when I walk into the store, people look at me funny," says Yost.

Now, the two men just want to get their lives back in order, starting with getting their cars back. But getting trust back into the justice system may never happen.

"Now I believe it when they say there's an innocent man locked up for something he didn't do. I believe it now," says Imhoff.

Yost and Imhoff also told us they passed three different lie detector tests. Police have offered to pay for the damage to the cars and the impound fees.

Lubbock Police Arrest Wrong Men for Armed Bank Robbery
Dale Imhoff and Jeremy Yost spent two nights in a Lubbock jail. During that time, police realized they couldn't place the two men at the scene of the crime. NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy explains how police cleared the men.

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