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Health Concern Over High Salt Diets

It's recommended that adults have just 6 milligrams of salt a day, but most people eat way more than that.

That's a health concern because a high salt diet puts you at greater risk of a stroke, heart disease and even stomach cancer. But some health experts say it's not entirely our fault, because 80% of the salt we eat is contained in processed foods...and we don't even realize it's there.

"One thing we really need to do is to get the government and the food agencies is to get a clear labeling of salt per serving on all packets with a traffic light system where something's high is sodium it will be a red label, medium is amber and low it's green," says Professor Graham MacGregor, a heart specialist.

Dr. MacGregor says if we continue to shake so much salt into our diets, we could be eating our way into an early grave.

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