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New Treatments Work Like a Facelift for Hands

This year, the first of the baby boomers turns 60,and many are doing all they can to keep their energy up, their bodies fit, and their minds alert. 

For Judy Celing, there's still one part of her body that really worries her. She says "the rest of my appearance i try to keep up to snuff as much as possible, but i feel like i have my grandmother's hands."  So, at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, they're giving hands a "face lift" by injecting a solution called STS into the ropy veins that can crawl across the back of the hand.

The solution makes the vein walls dissolve and become sticky.Dr. Robert Weiss says the body doesn't need all the veins in the hands, so they usually stay closed.  But if one does open up again, it will likely be much smaller than it was before. He explains that "you can take these big, ropy veins on the back of the hand and with a simple series of one to three injections, get them to go away within two to three months".


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