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City Disputes Accuracy of Associated Press Story

According to some hydrologists, Lubbock's water supply should be gone by now. An Associated Press Report states that Lubbock would have gone dry by 2003 if leaders had not bought up water rights. The story bases that finding on a U.S. geological survey of the Ogallala Aquifer.

City leaders say the report is not true. They say the aquifer is not dry, but it can only be replenished with rain water. That's why city leaders say they've secured water in three different places. And, they say, the supply we have now should last for 100 years.

Tom Adams, Deputy City Manager says, "We're looking at 100 years with Roberts County, about 50 years with Bailey County and we're working to determine how much we have under the city." Adams says the city is also looking at other alternatives for the future such as re-using storm or waste water, or creating a pipe line from Lubbock to Lake Alan Henry.

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