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Deadline Passes for Business to Comply with Environmental Laws

The deadline has come and gone and still one Lubbock business has yet to clean up its site. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave the owner of Scrub-A-Dubb a January deadline to comply with federal environmental laws.

The EPA reports they have not heard from the business owner. We asked Congressman Randy Neugebauer as what point does the EPA need to step up enforcement?

In November, we told you about Scrub-A-Dubb, but it was four years ago when the EPA determined the property where the 30 year-old business site, is contaminated with petroleum by-products.

NewsChannel 11 wanted to know why the EPA is tolerating environmental violations at Scrub-A-Dubb. The EPA has granted the owner Bill Phillips two time extensions to clean-up his site. Phillips' deadline was last month. NewsChannel 11 we out to Scrub-A-Dubb and asked Phillips the business was in compliance. "We're just trying to find out if the EPA is doing their job," we told Phillips. "It's none of your damn business," answered Phillips after locking his gate.

The EPA tells NewsChannel 11 they have not heard from Phillips. So, we asked Congressman Randy Neugebauer is it procedure for the EPA to be lenient toward a business that continues to potentially contaminate the groundwater. "Certainly we want to make sure our agencies are doing the job they are supposed to whether that's EPA or any other federal agency," said Neugebauer.

Congressman Neugebauer says he's going to do his own investigating. "Does it concern you that we have some potential ground water contamination over there and the EPA says it's a low priority for us? "I think anytime you're talking about contamination of ground water, I can't see how that can be a low priority. I think what we need to do is establish what are the facts what kind of evidence we can find," Neugebauer said.

Congressman Neugebauer says he will keep in contact with NewsChannel 11 and update us on his findings into this matter.

Lubbock Plans Action Against Contaminated Business
NewsChannel 11 has questioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about why it has taken so long to get total compliance at the Scrub-A-Dubb business site. The EPA said it was not a priority. Now as a result of our investigation Lubbock city leaders are holding a meeting to be more aggressive with the contaminated business site.
City of Lubbock Concerned over Possible Water Contamination
There is still no proof that a North Lubbock business has done anything to clean up its contamination site. The company, Scrub-A-Dubb, reconditions old barrels. The Environmental Protection Agency has turned on the heat to get Scrub-A-Dubb in compliance. But some other environmentalist would argue the heat isn't hot enough. NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy spent two months investigating this story.

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